Create an art & photography website


Whether you’re a professional or an amateur artist or photographer, creating a
website enables you to publically present your work online.

Promote your paintings or pictures, or sell your artwork on your website. It’s all possible with WebSelf.

How to create an art or photography website ?

With a WebSelf site, you can easily :

design site art

  • Share the location of your art gallery or studio
  • Explain your art style and mission
  • Present yourself and your biography
  • Present your artwork and organize them by time period, series, or collections
  • Post articles and media featuring yourself and your pieces

Showcase your artwork in all its glory

Whether you paint or snap photos, display the final product in an album. Your visitors will be
able to explore the extent of your talent in just one glance!

Explore our many WebSelf tools and features to showcase your latest photos or painting!

Create an interactive website

Create a blog to communicate your latest exposition, next series, or your latest artwork. You can
also discuss news related to your field and offer followers tips on creating their own pieces!

Use the guestbook to collect comments and feedback from your fans, visitors, and friends on your latest piece of

Earn money with an online shop!

Want to increase your income? Set up shop with WebSelf’s e-shop feature! Whether you want to
sell your latest photos or portraits, all you need to do is configure your options (e.g price, tax,
shipping, currency, etc.)

You will find all the features you need to trade online.

Need some help with building your website? We offer free online and phone tech support,—so please contact us

With WebSelf, building a website couldn’t be easier!

Build my website…for free!


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