How to get email headers

Email headers in Outlook 2013

Double-click on the message to open it in the new window.
From the Files tab select Info > Properties. Full email headers are located inside the Headers box:

Email headers in Thunderbird

Select the email, click on Other Actions > View Source:

Email headers in MacMail

Select the email, go to the View menu > Message > Raw Source:

Email headers in App Suite (Namecheap Private Email)


Select the email, click on Actions > View source:

Email headers in Roundcube (cPanel email)

Select the email, click on More > Show source:

Email headers in Horde (cPanel email)

Select the email and toggle the Actions menu by clicking on the arrow next to the email subject.
You will see additional options in the right top corner of the email. Select Other Options > View source:

Email headers in Outlook

Select the email, click on More > View message source:

Email headers in Outlook 2016 for Mac

Right-click (or ctrl-click) the message in your Inbox or other folder without opening the message. From the menu that appears, select View Source:

Email headers in Gmail

Select the email, click on the More button > choose Show original

Email headers in Yahoo

Select the email, click on the More icon > View raw message

Email headers in Aol Mail

Select the email, click on Action  > View Message Source

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