Make a website for your wedding


Having your own wedding website is a unique and original way to inform and keep your guests and family involved. You can update them about the guest list,
location, and menu. After the wedding, you can share pictures of the ceremony, reception, or gifts, and also share videos of your honeymoon! WebSelf offers you a
simple solution adaptable to your needs — no programming skills required!

How to create a website for your wedding

It’s simple! All you have to do is enter your website’s title and email address, and get started on
creating your free website — no contract or obligation.

After you register, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the prime WebSelf features to create a website that’s
uniquely yours!

With WebSelf, you can easily:

  • Introduce the engaged couple to friends and family with pictures or videos
  • Present a guestbook to receive wedding wishes from your guests.
  • Share the practical details about the wedding: maps to venues, the menu, the date, the RSVP forms, the gift registry, etc.

Having a website makes your wedding planning easier!

Use our prime WebSelf features to plan your wedding. Write a blog to inform guests of any news or keep them
informed about the schedule of your special day, or even how your honeymoon is going.

Use the image feature to publish the best photos of your wedding, the engagement, or even your honeymoon. This
allows you to share each precious moment with your friends and family.

Use a poll menu to vote on a main dish for the menu! Are your guests more into fish or chicken?

Guests can even RSVP online using the form feature.

Build my website…for free!


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