Redesigning your website



You have a website?
Great, that means you understand that the visibility and
development of a company begins with an online presence. It’s a web display of your
products or services that is accessible to all, and at any hour of the day.
It is important to know that a website is not eternal and as many other things, it has a
limited life expectancy. With constant technology growth and changes in trends, it’s
sometimes good to give your website a little transformation.

Why redesign a website?


– If you want to give your website an update
– If your current website adds little value to your business
– If your business has changed its focus
– If your site is not optimized for smartphones
– If you want to add features or content
– If your site is not SEO optimized
– If you don’t have access to your website

Take control of your website!


With WebSelf, you have access to technical support,
either through chat, email or phone. The transfers or
domain redirections are also available. We are here
to help you, whatever your problems may be

Ready to redesign your website?
Each case is different and deserves special attention but keep in mind that the primary reason for redesigning your website is because you want to bring value to it.
It is therefore important, before you start the process, to know what your objectives are. Taking account of this, it will be easier to make it stand out.
It’s important to keep in mind that a website is never truly finished, it needs to be in constant evolution.

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