This Foldable Smartwatch Design Gives Apple and Samsung a Run for Their Money

This Foldable Smartwatch Design Gives Apple and Samsung a Run for Their Money

A newly published concept design patent by Oppo shows the company wants to play Apple and Samsung at their own game.

Combining Apple’s famously sleek smartwatch design and Samsung’s foldable screens, the new smartwatch concept could take the market by storm — if it ever does get a release that is.

The main difference for Oppo’s design, rendered by LetsGoDigital, is that it includes a rollable display that can expand the screen’s length without making it wider.

Design mechanisms

As BGR reports, in its smallest state the extra display on the smartwatch is folded back and stored under the main screen.

The minimalist model includes a recessed groove that allows the screen to slide out, with the design (below) showing a pressure mechanism that lets you press and unfold the screen.

Oppo’s new design probably won’t see the light of day anytime soon. The issues Samsung have so far faced with their Fold smartphone might be a testament to the fact that foldable screens aren’t about to go mainstream.

While Oppo has released its O-Band smart bracelet, these concepts would likely need a much longer time to be market-ready.

Then there’s the practicality of the devices. Are users really going to warm to watching a film or reading the news while constantly holding their wrist up in a time-reading fashion?

Many questions remain and Oppo has only just filed the patent. The new concepts look undeniably cool, and many a tech geek would no doubt race to buy one, but will foldable wearables ever truly catch on? Only time will tell.

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